Children          0-14 years               FREE

Youth              14-17 years             $12.50

Adult               18 to 65+                 $18.50

Nurse consult                                  $5.00

Walk-in assessment                        $5.00

Please note there maybe additional charges for services outside of normal consultation.

We currently do not see casual patients – you have to be a registered patient to be seen by us.

If children do not qualify for eligibility, then they are charged at adult rates.

Other Charges for Enrolled patients

  • Repeat Prescriptions –  $10.00 (There is a 42 hour period to receive repeat prescriptions)
  • Faxed Prescriptions –  $15.00
  • Urgent Prescription – $28.00
  • Driving Medicals –  $50.00
  • Insurance Medicals –  $300.00
  • Liquid Nitrogen –  $5.00 per significant lesion
  • Cervical Smears –  $20.00 with the nurse, $37.50 with Doctor (you may be eligible for a free consultation, please ask at reception)
  • Referral Letters –  from $10.00 if requested outside of consultation appointment
  • Minor surgery –  from $200.00, please talk to the Doctor
  • ECG –  $30.00 if requested by patient plus consult. If required for diagnosis, the patient will be charged $35.00 (total, includes consult and ECG)
  • Flu Vaccination –  $30.00 (you may be eligible for a free vaccination, please ask at reception)


Payment is expected at each visit. If you are given an account please note that a $10 administration fee will incur after 14 days. If your account remains unpaid after 90 days then it will be referred to a debt collector, which will result in further costs to you.


Please call (09) 578 0956 to make an appointment.

To enable us to run to time, we ask all patients to make appointments either for the doctor or the nurse clinic. We appreciate your co-operation.